Decontamination & Needle Sweep Service?

Quidos Cleaning Services now offer a professional decontamination, needle sweep and sharp removal service. Our highly trained professionals offer a safe and controlled removal service with the correct safety procedures and PPE to remove these hazards from your specified site and dispose of them quickly and safely.
Our trained technicians can investigate large sites, disused buildings, residential properties, and public areas.



What is classed as a sharp? A sharp is an object having an edge or point that can cut or pierce something.

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Razor blades
  • Broken glass
  • Knives
  • Scalpels

There are many other objects that can be classed as a sharp in certain conditions and all sharps pose a high risk of being contaminated with human bodily fluids which can lead to infections.
It is extremely important to discard of any sharps along with their associated paraphernalia as they can carry harmful diseases which can be transmitted to anyone that encounters them if a portal of entry is found or created If they are not disposed of safely and correctly with the correct control measures in place, they can cause life-threatening infections to the public. Children are at a higher risk as they are not aware of the dangers. It is important to have these high-risk situations dealt with by competent and registered professionals as soon as possible.
It is unlawful to dispose of any sharps in a general waste bin under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
Our sharps removal service includes complete decontamination of the area to make sure you are left with a safe and clean environment.


In order to ensure our service meets the strict operating requirements under health and safety law, our team have undergone extensive training to meet the required standards.
Our team are vaccinated against Hepatitis B & Tetanus
Our team are fully compliant with our exposure control plan
Our team follow our RAMS with the up most care and precision

  • Our team are trained in:
  • UK Commercial Training Decontamination & Infection Control Course
  • BICS Control Of Cross Contamination
  • KSI Certificate Of Training In Sharps Awareness
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training


Our decontamination team must demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate documentation:

  • Exposure Control Plan
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessment and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Task Risk Assessment (RA)
  • Point of Work Risk assessment (POWRA)
  • Method Statement (MS) or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions Of Equipment Used


In order to deliver a safe and effective decontamination service we must ensure we use the correct colour coded equipment and provide our decontamination operatives with all resources needed to execute the full decontamination treatment to the highest of standards.
Yellow is the colour used for all cleaning equipment involved in the decontamination process and we have a strict obligation to ensure all contaminated items are disposed of in the correct manner to avoid cross contamination. All equipment is disinfected before and after the decontamination process. All waste is disposed of following government guidelines.
Our PPE requirements have been extensively researched to ensure we are providing the best of protection to our decontamination team. This includes aprons, torch, type 5-6 body suit, shoe covers, non-steam goggles, masks, nitrile gloves, needle stick resistance gloves EN388, chemical resistant gauntlets, dressings, waterproof tape.
A systematic process is adhered to by our decontamination team to ensure maximum confidence and protection.
Our decontamination team consists of two operatives minimum which can increase depending on the size and layout of the project. A clean operative and a decontamination operative is required for every project.

Quidos Cleaning Services Limited guarantee to provide you with a safe and professional needle sweep and decontamination service. Allow us to deal with any traumatic scenes you may encounter. Allow us to deal with any unwanted paraphernalia found on or near your premises. Allow us to leave your undesired situation or unexpected contaminated location free from risk and safely put into the back of your mind and busy schedule.

Customer Reviews

Quidos Cleaning Services

Customer Reviews

Raman Kaur 21/07/2021

I am in the process of moving in to a 2 bed house. On Monday 19/7/21 I contacted so many cleaning companies who all said it would be 2-3 weeks before they will be able to give me a quote.
I came across Quidos cleaning services on Facebook Marketplace on and they came out and gave me a quote on the same day. 2 days later they have spent the whole day in the house which is now gleaming.
I would definitely recommend Quidos Cleaning. I wouldn’t have known where to start.
Thank you again 😀

Carly Kilford 10/06/2021

Cj'z Hair & Beauty has now had its second three phase anti-viral sanitising treatment by Quidos Cleaning Services and I am over the moon with the service and the outcome. The health and safety was clearly explained and implemented and the salon was left sparkling and smelling amazing. Thankyou for a very professional service and we will look forward to seeing you next month. Highly recommended.

Michael Thompson 28/05/2021

A huge thank you for yesterday! My boss needed a domestic deep clean at very short notice. Not only did you accommodate us and send a deep clean team to the property within a few hours, he was over the moon with the results. Very professional, punctual and thorough leaving the property gleaming and smelling very fresh and clean. Thanks again and highly recommend 👌

Rhys Molesy Moles 18/07/2021

After unexpectedly becoming a victim to the current pandemic we unfortunately had to close the Waterfront Fish Restaurant on the fish Quay, North Shields pending a deep clean sanitizing treatment. I contacted Quidos Cleaning Services after numerous recommendations about their service. They were very accommodating and arranged a rapid response consultation and sanitizing service. The full restaurant including the food preparation area was sanitized from top to bottom the following day. A very thorough and professional service producing COSHH assessments for the anti-viral chemicals used which were suitable for health care and food processing areas. A well explained and safety conscious service with the added bonus of the receipt of sanitization certificates illustrating the harmful viruses and bacteria the restaurant had been treated for. Thank you to the Quidos team and highly recommend.

Kev Bee Butler 30/06/2021

After working endless hours from home and being mentally drained to do my own house clean I decided to call Quidos Cleaning Services to carry out a domestic deep clean. I was speechless with end result and I must say what a professional service. Thanks guys highly recommend

Marie Greenside 02/09/2021

After what seems like a never ending traumatic time I realised my home had been terribly neglected for so long
Thanks to Rachel and her team my house is back to best !!
It’s not the everyday jobs it’s the deep cleaning the skirting boards, coving, ornaments and the bits you miss because you’re always in a hurry.
I can’t thank them enough for bringing my home back to life and what a real treat to walk into after a day at work. Thank you

Jamie Alexander Eastlake 26/07/2021

Absolutely class from Peter and his team. Nothing was a bother, was a last minute big job but they did everything to ensure our whole building was in top condition. Exemplary couldn’t recommend enough.

Graham Gofton 13/09/2021

Very helpful from start to finish and worked around our needs. Great job done cleaning and sanitising the house

Billy Thompson 15/09/2021

Excellent service would recommend

Denise Poole 03/09/2021

Excellent service and people well done and thank you for peace of mind